What should be on your blog?

WordPress Blog Update

Here is what you want to make sure you have on your blog and how it should appear:

  1. You should have the correct url per the initial instruction. yourfirstnamelastnamejrn102.wordpress.com

So, Emma Sydor’s url for her blog is emmasydorjrn102.wordpress.com

Make sure you use your name as it appears on the roll.

  1. You were to use the Penscratch Theme on WordPress. Also, don’t use any patterned backgrounds. You may use a cover photo, but make sure it is not copyrighted. You may use the ones WordPress provides or one you made.
  1. Your name: JRN 102 Blog should be the heading. And the subheading should be the time (of your class) Class Fall 2015. This is an example of how it should look:

example blog

  1. You should have an About Me page with your bio of 150-200 words and a photo that looks like you. (See the video tutorial on my blog on how to embed your photo.)
  1. Your first post should be your listening essay. Before your essay, you might write a short intro telling viewers about the assignment; then, put the title of your essay and then the essay.
  1. Your second post should be the story you did in class on Oct. 9th. You should make sure you edit it carefully. It should be between 300-400 words and remember you co-wrote it with someone so it should say that you and So-and-so wrote it together, so the viewer knows it is not just your work. Again, you might want to introduce it by letting the viewer know the nature of the assignment and then you can put the headline and then the story can follow.
  1. Your next post was your podcast. Write a small introduction letting the viewer know the nature of the podcast and then embed the podcast in your blog. Remember once again to let the viewer know you worked on the podcast with another person. You will also want to include the script for your podcast so the viewer can read it if they prefer. There is a video tutorial on how to embed your podcast on your blog.
  1. The final post in your blog is the profile you wrote on your classmate. This should be between 400-500 words and you should include a photo of the person. Again, you should include a small introduction before you title and post the profile. In the introduction, you can tell the viewer how you modeled it after another profile you read and then put a hyperlink to the one you modeled it after.

If any of the blog entries are out of order, don’t worry. As long as they are all there and there are no blatant mistakes, you will get your points for the midway points blog entries.

Lastly, I recommend you follow my JRN 102 Blog to see updates and video tutorials.

The url of my blog for this class is: