Blog Information

Today I discussed some blog issues I saw reoccurring. Be sure you don’t suffer in silence. Just address these issues.

Here is some additional information that should help you with your blog. Go to Bb and click the Assignments tab. There are some content folders. Open the one that says “Blog” and then you will see two documents. The first is a duplicate of a document you received in hardcopy the Friday we opened our blogs. The second, tells you specifically what posts are required and what you should be writing about. Pay close attention to what is being asked and when they are due.

Additionally, some of you did not have a photo on your blog that shows a recent photo of you on the About page. Don’t neglect to put one up.

There are video tutorials on my blog posts that help you figure out how to start your blog (which most of you have done) and how to upload a photo to the About page. If you don’t have a photo and a bio, your blog grade will have some deductions, so try to get that up before Wednesday night when I look at them.

What is a placeholder? WordPress sometimes puts up pages or posts that you simply edit. If you somehow got these pages or posts when you started your blog, you will need to delete them.

Also, if you have photos that appear with your posts and you want to get rid of them, go to edit the post and then on the left-hand side go to Featured Image and then delete it from there. Don’t forget to update after you do this.

If there are other issues I haven’t answered, please come see me before Wednesday night so we can clear them up.