A Welcome to Journalism 102

Every semester, I look forward to starting anew. Though I have taught some of the same things many times, every semester it is all new. New faces, new ideas, new questions and new energy. Beginning fresh each semester, each class time, each fifteen minutes, each moment results in much more enjoyment than living with the regrets of the past or the worries of the future, neither of which are real.

So this semester, we will begin each moment as if it were the only one, because being mindful and present results in clear and open minds. The benefit is a greater capacity to learn.

Welcome to the class. Welcome to a mindful approach to learning. Welcome to deeper engagement with those around you.

I am glad you are all here. Truly I am grateful for the circumstances that brought us together.

Let’s begin the journey, for the journey is the goal.

Your Professor,

Teresa Hernández

We are all here to learn.





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